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Some people from Augsburg are far more famous than Augsburg itself like Bertolt Brecht, Rudolf Diesel, or even Jim Knopf. Flash Escort Munich also arranges Escort Ladies in Augsburg.

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In addition, Augsburg is very famous for many attractions, such as the Perlachturm, the Fünfgratturm, its various magnificent fountains or the Augsburg cityhall, which was built by the legendary architect Elias Holl in the early 17th Century. Even Jakob Fugger, at that time the richest man in Europe, lived in Augsburg, as well as Leopold Mozart, father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Even if you are not inside the exclusive circle of famous Augsburger citizens – There are very good reasons to come to Augsburg for everyone!

Augsburg offers many opportunities of modern urban life. The university town has a vivid student life and also the social, economic and cultural life pulsates in the beautiful and traditional "Fugger-Town".

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The large number of museums in Augsburg is overwhelming. Just to name a few, as a visitor of Augsburg you have the great choice between Maximilian Museum, the Swabian Craftsmen Museum, National Gallery of Modern Art and lots of other exhibitions, galleries and museums.And as an attest of it’s cultural status, Augsburgs many stages, operas and playhouses made the city famous far beyond the borders of Bavaria. Furthermore, the Fugger-Town has numerous theaters, orchestras and choirs, which make almost every day or night in Augsburg one magnificent highlight.All in all a great city is as twice as nice having nice company!

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